Where you want to be

Efoyta emphasizes comfort, convenience, safety, and style in the vibrant Kazanchis neighborhood.

Why “Efoyta Segenet”?

Efoyta translated into English means “sigh of relief” – the end of anxiety and worry by the realization of having achieved desired objectives.

Segenet conveys similar senses expressed by such words as “revered, respected, and exalted” place.

The combination of the two words portrays the emotional gratification and physical comfort one can expect from living in EFOYTA SEGENET.

Live with Distinction

Rising above Kazanchis, Addis Ababa’s premier tower reflects the magnificence of what the city has to offer in this vibrant neighborhood.

Built with You in Mind

More than a place to live, your address at Efoyta is a key that unlocks opportunities. It’s a lifestyle you deserve.